Do you want to see your organization thrive in North Carolina's changing economy?

North Carolina New Schools can help make that happen by connecting community and business leaders with:

  • Opportunities to bring local businesses, community organizations and higher education institutions together with districts and schools in an effort to offer work-based opportunities and internships for students and teachers
  • Forums where local industry leaders in businesses and higher education can work with K-12 educators to discuss the needs of local employers and bring professional relevance to classroom curricula
  • Well-prepared future employees who graduate from innovative schools with the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in the workforce

What We Do

When a school or district partners with NC New Schools, we coach educators to shift the classroom focus from teacher to student; from teaching to learning. Using team-based, project-based and active learning, our coaches help teachers and principals engage and motivate students to succeed. Our methods stress rigor, relevance and relationships and how these principles can be applied to ensure that every student is prepared for their future, whether that next step is to a university, into industry training, or directly to work.

How We Do It

Community and business leaders who partner with NC New Schools can expect to:

  • Build purposeful and lasting partnerships with local students, educators and administrators, as well as institutions of higher education
  • Participate in statewide economic-regional Industry Innovation Councils and school-based Business Advisory Councils composed of industry and community representatives who provide relevant industry-linked learning experiences for students and teachers
  • Join the effort to ensure that students graduate prepared for both college and career, creating a stronger pool of prospective employees for local companies

If your business or organization is interested in partnering with NC New Schools to offer work-based experiences for teachers and/or students or to become a member of a regional Industry Innovation Council, email

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