Do you want to see your students thrive?

Do you want to see your students engaged and excited about learning?

North Carolina New Schools is here to help you do just that by providing you, your school or your entire district with:

  • Intensive coaching with a proven track record for powerful teaching and learning
  • Transformational professional development and practical, challenging strategies that help teachers teach and students learn
  • Opportunities to work with education experts and partner with business leaders from across the state and nation

What We Do

NC New Schools coaches educators to shift the classroom focus from teacher to student; from teaching to learning. Using team-based, project-based and active learning, our coaches help teachers and principals engage and motivate students to succeed.

Our methods stress rigor, relevance and relationships and how the application of these principles ensure that every student is prepared for college, careers and life.

How We Do It

Educators and districts that partner with NC New Schools can expect:

  • A customized program of proven talent development tools, engaging instructional strategies and constructive collaboration with the community
  • Purposeful partnerships with local businesses, community organizations, and institutions of higher education
  • Goal-oriented district strategies that align decision-making with data
  • Accelerated college and career readiness among students and career growth among teachers and administrators
  • Improved student engagement, performance and graduation rates

Register for a two-day study visit to one of our partner schools to learn about the differences in student engagement, teaching, learning and personalization.

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