Districtwide Approach

North Carolina New Schools helps district leaders realize their vision for their district by capitalizing on strengths, identifying barriers to growth, and creating a customized impact plan for continuous improvement through educational innovation. Our core work is founded in the belief that vertical alignment  in schools — those where teachers, principals and district administrators all share common expectations and understanding of excellent instruction — is a non-negotiable for deep and lasting educational improvement.

Though each district’s development plan is unique, all are founded on three objectives:

  1. Ensure instructional effectiveness among educators
  2. Engage in strategic collaboration with district and school leaders
  3. Implement talent development programs for all levels of professionals

District Services

Our staff of highly accomplished former teachers and administrators provide services including:

  • Consulting support for district administrators
  • Leadership development for district and school leaders
  • Instructional coaching for teachers
  • Professional development and peer networking opportunities for teachers and administrators
  • Structured site visits to exemplar schools
  • Purposeful partnerships with local businesses, community organizations and higher education

As a result of our efforts, districts and their schools see significant, sustained increases in academic achievement. In turn, all students are able to graduate with the knowledge and skills required for success in college and careers.

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