Leadership Development

District leaders and principals in innovative schools aren’t just operations managers. They serve as instructional leaders who build environments of high expectations and real learning for all students. Our NC Center for Educational Leadership offers individualized and transferable leadership development for elementary, middle and high school principals as well as district leaders who want to serve as catalysts for the creation of collaborative cultures focused on teaching, leading and learning.

The Center partners with the NC Principals and Assistant Principals Association (NC PAPA) and the Center for Creative Leadership to improve each principal’s effectiveness by analyzing leadership competencies and personalizing supports to the individual. As one component of integrated supports for innovative schools and districts the Center’s focus includes three main components:

Professional Learning:

  • LEAD Institute – An intensive three-day summer experience for participants focused on the knowledge and skills, attitudes and beliefs, and norms of professional behaviors for leaders.
  • Innovative Leader Institute – Two-day experience for leaders new to the NC New Schools network or partner school, as well as staff who support principals from the district office. The agenda is tailored to both new and veteran leaders.

Assessments and Coaching:

  • Leadership Assessments – Leadership assessments are tools designed to collect feedback by participants and peers to assess strengths and development needs.
  • Leadership Coaching – Leadership coaching is job-embedded, on-site and virtual support from an experienced educator. Coaches provide extensive feedback and challenge assignments to leaders to achieve personal and professional goals within the context of the organization.

Peer Networking:

  • Leadership Innovation Networks – Leaders meet in regional groups to actively explore key problems of practice. Sessions focus on the leader as the change agent, as well as provide opportunities for collaborative planning and problem solving.
  • Model-alike principal networking session and webinars – This session provides principals the opportunity to develop an understanding of the NC New Schools Design Principles, focusing on instructional strategies to help students read, write, think and talk in every class, every day. Principals also collaborate with peers in similar school environments (e.g. early colleges, comprehensive high schools, middle schools, elementary schools) to develop a greater understanding of their roles.

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