Peer Networking

Want to improve and grow as a professional, but don’t know where to start? Move beyond the teacher’s lounge and tap into a more powerful arena for problem-solving that will transform teaching, leading and learning for your students.


As a partner with NC New Schools, you’re not alone in the classroom or the principal’s office anymore – you are joining the power of the movement. You become one of more than 2,000 educators in a statewide professional learning community, one that brings together people and creates opportunities in a way that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Through formal and informal peer networking, NC New Schools cultivates disciplined inquiry among professionals who are working together to solve problems. Our peer networks – including others in your role, cross-functional opportunities, district and regional groups, and links to national partners – leverage the knowledge, skills and experience of educators across North Carolina who are engaged in a common mission.

Peer networking activities include:

  • Collaborative problem solving around specific issues or dilemmas
  • Online community to discuss current issues and practices in quality teaching and learning
  • Instructional rounds to facilitate peer feedback and establish a communications loop focused on improving practice
  • Statewide and national conferences to encourage connections with experts
  • Leadership Innovation Networks (LIN groups) to foster relationships among principals within a region

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