Professional Learning

North Carolina New Schools delivers customized professional learning for educators to help transform teaching and learning to prepare all students for college, careers and life.

Professional learning targets the entire school staff –- in alignment with leadership development for school administrators — with methods that inspire teachers to collaborate with one another to address the needs of individual students and to improve their own teaching. Our ultimate goal is to help schools and administrators create a culture where teachers are encouraged to take risks in an effort to improve teaching and learning and where students aren’t afraid to fail.

Table discussion at Summer Institute


Our range of professional learning services includes:

  • Intensive and proven on-site coaching for teachers and principals in classroom instruction and supportive leadership
  • Ongoing research- and practice-based professional development experiences that provide access to practical, challenging strategies and resources, as well as opportunities to collaborate with experts from across the state and nation
  • Co-teaching opportunities that allow teachers to experience evidence-based best practices and techniques demonstrated in a classroom setting
  • Peer networking to support disciplined inquiry among educators working together to solve problems, including instructional rounds that encourage teachers to reflect on student learning to spur continuous improvement

In addition, NC New Schools hosts conferences, hands-on workshops, networking events and an annual statewide Summer Institute that serves as a catalyst for learning and building community by connecting teams from innovative schools across the state to share successes and learn promising practices. These events also offer a chance for educators and partners to reflect and plan as a team, attend sessions focused on our Design Principles, hear nationally known keynote speakers and state leaders in education, and network with other K-12 educators, industry and higher education partners and district office leaders.

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