2014 Syngenta Summer Fellowship Program

In July 2014, four teachers from high schools oriented to biotechnology and agriscience joined with NC New Schools staff to get a close-up look at Syngenta, one of the world’s leading companies in over 90 countries dedicated to “bringing plant potential to life.” Syngenta is an innovator of agricultural technologies for farmers around the world. The company’s biotechnology development center in Research Triangle Park has been developing new seed varieties for 30 years.

The teachers participating in the eight-day program explored biotechnology through the various lenses of research, development and commercialization. After spending two days at the RTP facility, the teachers traveled to Minnesota and Washington, D.C., to see other aspects of the business before returning to the RTP research labs. The program concluded the following week with three days at NC New Schools developing lessons and projects for application in their own classrooms and for sharing with other teachers.